Sunday, April 27, 2008


huh..just came back from english camp..very tiring..the college is soo made me realize to be grateful of my own college, although it is small, but it never cause any burden 4 me as I didn't have to walk for few miles just for the sake of going to classes. u know what they say, we'll appreciate thing once we've lost it...thank God I realize the goodness of my college before I fly off to New Zealand..huhu... this is my story..u see, my colleagues said that we haven't learned anything at the camp..but they're totally wrong..why is that soo?? coz i did learn something and the same goes to them..for the 1st time in my life, I know what is the meaning of friendship..A friend is someone you can rely on in terms of good and bad, will keep secrets and will not betray you. Those who will be there supporting you when you really need one. When you just need a listener, he/she is always there for you 24hrs, no matter what. When you have problems, big problems, your true friend will be there helping you to solved and not run away. A friend should like who you are.He must help in times of need instead of slipping away. He must be truthful and trustworthy.He must never talk behind your back.He must have a good character or a character similar to yours.He doesn't need to be cool or brilliant ,he must just be a good friend.

sometimes it was just soo hard to live knowing they're just pretending to be part of your life, but i still managed to hold on..why?? i might not have any friends in this college, but i still have my life out there..i got a nice family that loves me despite whatever crazy behaviour i have..hehe, and i got a bestfriend in the whole wide world...soo..i just found out what it means to have a real friend..and i've came across this quote, very nice one about what it has to say :Earthly friendship is a two way street. Friendship is being there for one another. Friendship is not judging each other. Friends are not backbiters (talking about one another behind each others backs) Friendship is giving and not expecting anything in return. Friendship is forgiving. True friendship is accepting each other in our imperfections. A true friend will stand up for you.


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