Monday, July 21, 2008


it's getting nearer..
the moment has come..
to finally speak out the truth...
that we didnt have future together..
not that we didn't try..
maybe we've tried so hard...
at this point in my life, I wanted to go back to past and changed everything I can about our relationship..
Friends blame him for what happened..
but I blamed myself more..i shouldn't involved many people in our relation..
maybe it's just too much for him to accept..
and if i can go back to to the first day when I met him..
I would say, "hey, mind to be my friend?? huhu"
i miss that chance before..hope for the next person I wont be repeating the same mistake.
but I wondered if there's any..
all my life, I kept hurting people..especially those who loved me..
they're all angry with me now..

I tried... God knows I tried....
But sometimes, maybe it's just too little too late..
Maybe my past will always haunt me, no matter how hard I try to deviate from it.
Maybe I've concealed myself from the truth for so long, that the lies are the only thing I know. Maybe all this time I thought I was making a difference,
when the whole time I was simply being used by an alterior motive.
Maybe it's hard to filter out the good people from the bad, the ugly from the not so ugly.
But maybe, just maybe, I'll keep trying. Because maybe, just maybe, there's a thing called
a second chance. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find redemption someday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

he just cant stay

he can't..told u that..told myself that..
seemed that i was a fool +moron+ bengong..
all the bad things..u named it..
i was the one..
so, he reason..
just for fun..
i was sincere..
maybe he wasnt
but i'll find his succeder..
hehe..guess it must be damn hard


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