Tuesday, August 12, 2008

not an anonymous anymore

since Tina kept saying why i want to be anonymous..
i decided that the best way to shut her mouth up is to make this a public blog..
hehe..sory tina just joking..
so post la comment bebyk
plg penting utk tina..
ko x bg..ko tau la aku nk watpe..
k la..
damn shit ari ni byk keje..
esei 1000 words..plus got coursework by mdm kat just now..
plus isl es..updating files..
ie esei..sifat malas..cam perli aku jeh!!

dhla ngarut tu..
blk tido lg bagus

Thursday, August 7, 2008

stung by killer bee (didnt actually kill me..hehe!!)

so, last Sunday I got stung by tebuan syial aka killer bee..it was just one, but i've been to the hospital for treatment..coz i'm allergic to it..got injections..wuaghh..i hate injection..the stung was very pain, but seriously being shot was way more painful..
n some other forms of sexual harassments too..hehe. i'm applying my social skills lesson now..
good 4 me..coz i'm a lazy and stubborn girl..
so, when i got stung, first i screamed..of coz la..my habit..hehe..not habit..myself..wahaha..
i was kind of excited..first experience lah!! i cant stop laughing..hehe..bit of crazy i think..
but then once i started to walk, i can feel an extreme pain at my leg..
yeah n i should mention the bee stung me at the left leg..
so..jeng..jeng..jeng..5 of my coursemates carried me down the block by a chair..
God, it was such an embarassment..to be carried like that..however, I closed my eyes..
so, can't see anything (wink)
after that, the lecturer send me to the hospital..since i got no money, i was being sent to govt hosp la..
quite long act there..about 4 hours..hehe..
but things started to feel much better after that..
i felt lucky i had many many good friends to help through thick n thin..
frens forever..
sorry i'm still going to be anonymous..hehe


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